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Distec presents new PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP

High performing and cost efficient TFT controller with minimum space requirements and wide temperature range

Germering (Germany) December 14, 2016 - Distec - leading German specialist for TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications - introduces the new TFT controller board PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP. “For the MINIs, the positive features of the Prisma series have been supplemented by minimum space requirements and maximum cost efficiency," explained Matthias Keller, head of sales and marketing components at Distec GmbH. “With a working temperature range of -20 to +80°C, the PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP is also the perfect partner for TFT displays featuring a wide temperature range." The TFT controller is particularly suitable for professional industrial applications.

Extensive functionality

The PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP is based on the scaler chip "Chandler" from STMicroelectronics. Both, the hardware and the complete firmware are developed, tested and released by Distec in Germering. The board supports 3.3V, 5V and 12V Vcc panels, is HDCP capable and provides an HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort input. Other interfaces are a single and dual LVDS output with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200. The DDC interface controls the most important image parameters, which makes an OSD keypad redundant. In addition, the design of the new PrismaMINI is optimized for perfectly supporting TFTs with LED backlight.

According to customer requirements

In addition to the standard board, Distec also manufactures project-specific special solutions, in which the customer’s requirements determine the final functionality of the PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP. To this end, the customers, in close co-operation with the Distec’s developers, determine the shape of the circuit board, decide which functionalities are implemented, define the input and output interfaces and so on. The result is an optimum solution for the specific application. In addition, the new PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP is also available as a module for the customer’s baseboard.

For customized solutions Distec offers a wide range of input interfaces with a maximum input resolution of 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz: HDMI/DVI, DisplayPort, VGA as well as serial interfaces (UART, RS-232) or USB for remote OSD control. The OSD menu is available in any language/character set including Arabic, Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, Cyrillic, Turkish, etc. Other possible functions are DICOM presets, color and / or gamma calibrations, sensors via I2C (eg temperature, brightness, etc.) and Bluetooth modules from Hosiden. By using other scalers or processors, Distec can, of course, also implement additional individual features (for example, SDI, ARM, 4k / UHD).

New PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP: high performing, space saving, affordable price and wide temperature range Copyright: Distec GmbH Download: 72dpi // 300dpi

Matthias Keller is Managing Director of Distec GmbH Copyright: Distec GmbH Download: 72dpi // 300dpi

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